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Folk Dance Ensemble ROSNA KITKA - Bulgaria


ROSNA KITKA has very rich repertoire with more than 40 author's dances. They are from all folk regions in Bulgaria: 

     - Severnjashki;

     - Dobrudjanski;

     - Shopski;

     - Trakiiski;

     - Makedonski.

The ensemble disposes of very rich collection of national folk costumes, which contain the beauty and the traditions of every folklore region. In the repertoire of the ensemble are included also: 

     - Contemporary dances;

     - Humoristic dances;

     - Chamber dances;

     - Folk dances from other countries.

ROSNA KITKA can supply performances with different dance groups: 

     - Kid’s groups;

     - Youth’s groups;

     - Mixed groups;

     - Chamber groups;

     - Big groups up to 80-120 dancers.


 The ensemble can perform with live music or with professionally made records.